CySpeed Spindles

Modular Spindles


CYTEC's modular motor-driven spindles from the "modular kit" can be configured specifically for your application and manufactured per customer specifications; this covers almost the entire spectrum of conceivable processing tasks from:

  • heavy-duty to high-speed machining
  • milling, grinding, drilling, etc.
  • clamping function of the spindle shaft to facilitate effective mill-turning
  • asynchronous/synchronous motors with a performance range from 8 to 76 kW
  • planetary gear allows torque values of up to a maximum of 1,150 Nm
  • modular structure for individual system solutions
  • equipped with clamping fixtures for rotary processing
  • industrial designs for adaptations by the customer
  • high flexibility
  • very robust


CYTEC has developed and manufactured highly dynamic motor-driven spindles for over 35 years under the name CySpeed. They are used for single-spindle machining centers and transfer lines, in Gantry and portal milling machines, as well as in multi-spindle machining centers. The different designs are suitable for machining a wide range of materials.

The in-house development of torque motors for especially high torque and high speeds, to the construction of complete systems, all were enhanced by a more modern design.

Thanks to the CYTEC modular system almost all of the available options can be combined with one another, so that individual customer-specific solutions can be realized efficiently.

The development of a spindle for friction stir welding shows the high level of innovation found at CYTEC. CYTEC spindles for the friction stir welding process are be utilized in the automotive and aviation industries. Our friction stir welding spindle produce the finest welds between similar and non-similar materials.



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